Flying is not what it used to be 10 years ago. It seems quantity ($$$) is more important than quality. These days airlines charge for everything to make an extra buck. Here are some flight costs to avoid or be aware of when booking a flight.



Airline food

People are often surprised to find out that food is no longer a guarantee. Even on a 6+ hour flight you could find your stomach growling when you arrive to your destination. Have fun reminiscing on the days of pretzels, peanuts, hot meals and cold beverages. These days you are lucky to get free water, tea, and coffee.

HOORAH, Delta Airlines for giving free beverages on all flights. AND in the beginning of 2017 they started giving complimentary meals on some of their longer treks.

Carry-on Luggage:

Carry-on luggage

Most airlines will include a carry-on. This is not always true so double-check. The weight limit is normally around 15 lbs. (7kgs).

Regardless, you should be able to bring a purse or small backpack with personal items for free.

Checked Luggage:

It is rare to find check-in baggage included in ticket costs. If you are booking on a budget airline such as Spirit, JetBlue, or Wowair plan on tacking on $25-$50 (21-22 euros).

Be aware that flights with transfers/stop-overs requiring you to pick up your bag and check it back in might charge you twice for checked luggage. Ask yourself, do I really need to bring that much? If not, consider sticking with your carry-on.


Airplane entertainment

The best part of flying growing up was the free entertainment (and snacks). Flying was an opportunity to catch up on some great films that you missed out on in the theaters. Now a days if you want in-flight entertainment you might be looking at an additional fee. Airlines are now charging to watch movies and shows.

Seat Selection Charges:

Airplane Economy Seat

Some airlines charge for you to choose your seat ahead of time.

First off, we have never been on a flight where we weren’t seated together. In the rare cases that it has happened we graciously asked at the airport check-in counter and they changed our seats.

Secondly, don’t be tricked into thinking you have to make a seat selection when purchasing an airline ticket online. In the passed we have paid for seat selection due to the website setup looking as if it were required. Try pushing next if it costs an additional charge.


Safe flight our fellow travelers. Keep adventuring!

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